Epic Games will give away two games to its fans; so you can download them

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The Fortnite production company surprised its users with a game of speed and fights, while the other is a strategy game and takes place on Mars

Epic Games, the production company responsible for the success of Fortnite and Rocket League, has not stopped surprising and pampering its followers in recent months. For some time, the video game company has decided to make at least two of its titles available to the public every month, so that you can access them for free for a limited time.

On this occasion, players can get hold of Speed ​​Brawl , a video game in which racing and fighting are fun, or if they prefer strategy and survival games, but on Mars, Tharsis will surely be perfect for them.

According to the official website of Epic Games, the games will be available from this Thursday until next September 23, when the gift will disappear. In addition, the company remembers that only gamers who have an active profile in the Epic Games virtual store will be the ones who have the right to download the games ; same that, even after the deadline, will remain permanently in your personal libraries.

How to download Speed ​​Brawl and Tharsis?

As mentioned above, the main thing to enjoy the benefit of free games is to have an account at Epic Games and of course, download the official program of the company on your computer .

Now, if you don’t have an account yet, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the official website of Epic Games, and look in the upper right corner for the button with which you log in.

2. An invitation to register on the platform will appear below this ; click on it.

3. Immediately a series of options will appear to be able to register: Facebook, Google, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Apple or an email account . Choose the one you prefer.

4. Depending on the option chosen, the page will ask you for a series of requirements. Follow each of these to create your account.

Finally, it only remains to download the EpicInstaller that can also be found on the page, and install it on the PC. When the installation is complete, just wait for the program to start and log in. Now you must go to epicgames.com/store/es-ES/free-games and choose the game you want. Follow the instructions on the page and then those offered by the installer in the PC program, and you’re done!

PS Plus and Xbox Live games
It should be remembered that Epic Games is not the only platform that allows you to download free games every month because other companies such as Sony, with its PlayStation Plus , or Microsoft with Xbox Live , also have free to play titles for users who have a subscription to payment to these services.

In the case of PS Plus, gamers will be able to download the following titles, organized according to the console on which they can be played:

PlayStation 5: Overcooked! All You Can Eat

PlayStation 4: Hitman 2 y Predator: Hunting Grounds

Like Sony’s service, Xbox Live Gold (from Microsoft) had four games that could be downloaded for free, with three of these releasing this September 16, while the other could no longer be downloaded, as it was going until The 15th day:

Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One : Warhammer: Chaosbane and Mulaka (available between September 16 and October 15).

Xbox 360: Zone of the Enders HD (available only until September 15) and Samurai Shodown II (available from September 16 until the end of the month).

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