Muhammad Zubair Umar Viral Video
Muhammad Zubair Umar Viral Video

Muhammad Zubair Umar Viral Video

Posted on– Recently the name Muhammad Zubair Umar is currently being discussed a lot on social media, he mentions that the Viral Video on social media is fake and not he who is in the video.

Recently, social media was being stirred up by one of the Twitter videos, the video went viral and became one of the popular searches. After one of the Twitter account owners whose name is not known, uploaded a video which is now circulating and many have watched it.

In the video circulating, there is a man and a woman doing farming activities, or is one of the videos having sex with a girl.

In the video that has been circulating, it is known that the man in the video is the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz who mentions Muhammad Zubair Full Video and an unknown woman, the video has gone viral on all social media.

Zubair Umar’s Opinion on Circulating Videos

Zubair Umar stated, whoever was behind the spread of the video to social media, he had committed a very bad and shameful act, he continued.

Zubair also stated “he has served his country with honesty, integrity and great commitment, he will continue to speak out for the progress of his country Pakistan” he said in a tweet that belonged to him personally.

After the Zubair Umar video appeared and circulated on social media, which made his name not good for now. The video circulating on social media is a cellphone recording or video that appears and it is suspected that the battery man in the video is a PML-N leader who is in a room with a beautiful woman whose face is not known because it is blurred.

Many netizens are guessing and guessing who the man in the video is. Netizens are trying to stay calm and come to a conclusion that will not harm others they are guessing each other whether the video is real or not.

As we know zubair umar is a man who has served his country for a long time, and he will not be proven guilty until there is sufficient evidence that will suffice to prove him, the culprit. Because zubair kept insisting that the one in the video was not him he also claimed it was a fake video.

Zubair Umar Viral Video

In the case that dragged the name of Zubair Umar, there will be an in-depth investigation by the authorities and then it will be decided whether this video is fake or not.

Zubair Umar is currently under strict surveillance and if it turns out that he is the person in the video then he has committed an unlawful act this will be put behind bars and will be prosecuted by the authorities.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey about Zubair Umar, who is currently involved in a pornography case. Thank you for visiting, don’t forget to keep watching this article so you don’t miss other information that we will provide for all of you.

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