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The WhatsApp instant messaging service is not the best on the market, but it is the most used. A function as simple as being able to always be connected to a PC seemed like an impossible mission. In fact, WhatsApp has been testing this functionality for a long time . Now it finally seems that the multi-device capacity is beginning to be available .

WhatsApp begins multi-device support
This morning we have seen how this new functionality is available on iOS. We just have to access the area of Linked Devices and there we will have available the beta option of several devices. This allows us to enjoy WhatsApp without being cut off by a call or without even having a connection on our smartphone. In Windows we will see how a BETA message is displayed in the WhatsApp application indicating that we are testing the new feature.

The new functionality will allow us to have WhatsApp available and open on up to four devices without having our smartphone connected. Now Android, Windows or iOS tablets can be much more useful by allowing us to always be connected to WhatsApp.

The new WhatsApp feature

Of course, it comes with some drawbacks such as not being able to send messages or make calls to those users who have an outdated version of WhatsApp. Also, it is noted that quality and performance may be affected. Something that you would expect from a feature in development and that was already shown in the first warnings a few months ago to users of development versions.

If the new option does not appear, be patient as the deployment seems gradual. We must be in version or higher and when the time comes we will be offered this feature. We hope this feature will pass all tests and will be available to everyone very soon. At the moment it is too early to be able to evaluate the operation in detail, but it was a feature in high demand by the community.

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